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“They say sleep is a luxury; we say our super soft and cozy range of beddings affords one that luxury.”

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" should not be high, but be of medium height that tends to be small, and it should be arched upwards to preserve the arch of the neck in order to be in the correct position, and that it should not be too soft, but be moderately soft so as not to cause stiffness in the muscles."

Dr. Saleh AlDaen
Physiotherapist at CMRC Saudi Arabia

A flat sheet is a large flat bed sheet, rectangular or square-like in shape. Generally this sheet is not too specific to the height of the bed or mattress.

A fitted sheet, like it's name implies, "fits" on to a mattress. Each of it's four corners are elasticated so it holds on to the mattress snugly, and reducing the chance of it sliding all over the mattress.

A mattress/pillow protector, like it's name implies, is to protect the mattress/pillow from being soiled, or stained.

There are many qualities of protectors on the market.

Gentelle's hotelier grade mattress and pillow protectors are waterproof, and hypoallergenic, designed to keep the pillow and mattress safe from accidental spills, stains, and other similar mishaps.

The mattress protector is laid over the mattress, with each of it's elasticated edges designed to snap on and hold on to the mattress.

The pillow protector however is designed like a pillow case, with a single zippered edge to enclose the pillow all round.

Yes, and are suitable for industrial washing of up to 60° degrees centigrade.

Gentelle's bed sheets, pillows cases, and duvet covers can be industrially washed at 90° degrees centigrade, while mattress protectors, and pillow protectors can be industrially washed at 60° degrees centigrade.

For 250TC, 60% Cotton sheets, around 100 times.

For 300TC, 100% Cotton sheets, around 80 times.

*TC is thread-count

Bedding that high-end hotels use, from the type of pillows, to the specifications of the bed sheets, the duvets, mattresses,and so on, are made to offer nights of comfort.

Pillows and mattresses come in various constructions, and bed sheets offer multiple specifications, that can seem initially overwhelming to a non-hotelier.

Gentelle's bedding is supplied to many major hotels in Saudi Arabia, and outside, and great emphasis is put on the quality, premium-ness, luxurious-ness and comfort of the bedding. So you can rest assured you're getting a fine product.

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Fitted sheets can be a task to press or fold since their edges are sewn in with elastic, and are basically not flat.

Flat sheets offer less of a challenge to hoteliers, making them a more ideal choice.