About us

Your trusted supplier of luxury Bath, Bed and Banquet linens.

We invite you to indulge in our expansive range of bed, bath and banquet linens crafted to perfection with premium quality Asian cotton. Manufactured by Gentelle Hotel Supplies Co. Ltd and supplied under our flagship brand ‘Gentelle’, our premium linens reflects tranquility and peace of mind.

Every time you purchase ‘Gentelle’, you are promised a product that will last long, look and feel fabulous, and more importantly is soft and absorbent.

Our Speciality

The touch, feel and polished look of ‘Gentelle’ products bear testament to its luxurious quality. Our extensive collection has touched upon every aspect of comfort to please your senses. This includes towels, bed sheets, pillows, pillow and mattress protectors, duvets, mattresses and a selection of banquet linen- all reflecting the grandeur of a refined lifestyle. Our products are sought after by clients worldwide, including Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

Our journey.

Our dedication to stringent quality measures and ability to adapt to dynamic customer requirements have today placed us among the world's top luxury linen suppliers. Drawing from more than a decade of expertise from its' sister Company Benham International, today Gentelle Hotel Suppliers Co. Ltd serves a wide range of international clients- servicing even the most demanding prerequisites.

Our constantly evolving clientele includes a number of globally acclaimed five-star hotel chains. Our services are extended not only to the large-scale hotels, but also to exclusive boutique hotels- in fact our pledge is to deliver a promising service to all our clients, regardless of the scale of their business. Our ability to be customer-centric while constantly improving the status-quo has enabled us to become a formidable force in the industry of premium linen.

B2B Clientele Served

Quality supported by exceptional service

Gentelle’s dedication to unparalleled quality and its' customer-centric service lead the way for the company to expand to Pakistan in 2010. This move provided the company an opportunity to access the most authentic raw material needed to manufacture premium quality cotton, thus elevating our production processes to new heights. These raw materials are used today to manufacture Gentelle’s collection of home and hotel ware linen.

Eco-friendly operations

Natural Rubber Latex is a milky fluid derived from the Hevea Brasiliensis Tropical Rubber Tree. The raw agricultural material is then processed in two ways; either by dipping, extruding, or coating the concentrated milk or by curing it through a process where the liquid from the tree is coagulated and dried or milled into sheets. Products are then fabricated by compression molding or extrusion of the sheets. Synthetic Latex also known as Styrene Butadiene Rubber, on the other hand is an emulsion of synthetic rubber and plastics. At Gentelle, we use Natural Rubber across our products due to many reasons:

  1. It is considered to be a healthier option
  2. The durability of natural rubber is far greater
  3. It has far less probability of sagging and tearing
  4. Our contribution helps to empower the local rubber industry

Strengthening Sri Lanka's rubber heritage

With a history spanning two centuries back to the colonial times, Sri Lanka is one of the leading manufacturers of rubber in the world. This heritage stems from the fact that the country taps the best quality rubber with a proven stamp for the highest grade in compliance with international standards. Securing a niche for itself in the list of the top 10 largest rubber producers in the world, Sri Lanka is home to numerous rubber and latex based industries that produce an assortment of refined rubber products. Gentelle Hotel Supplies Co. Ltd. takes pride in sourcing only the highest grade of Sri Lankan rubber to manufacture its range of latex and rubber-based products- further driving our commitment to quality.

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