What are the best bed sheets on the market?

Choosing a bed sheet can really depend on the sort of climate you’re in, the room temperature that is being maintained, the type of comfort you’re looking to get out of a bed sheet, the type of look you’re going for, etc…

In a nutshell, a really premium bed sheet, like the ones used in 5 star hotels for example, are well manufactured and made to very specific requirements.

To give you perspective, some hotels would prefer a 100% cotton bed sheet because that would be cooler to the sleeper than a polycotton (cotton + polyester) bed sheet.

While some hotels would prefer a polycotton bed sheet as it would be much more “neater” to the eye.

A second parameter for choosing an ideal bed sheet is what is known as the Thread Count or abbreviated as TC.

TC is used in the industry by some marketers to sell a better product. So they would stamp a higher pricetag on a 1000TC bed sheet. However, this is not always the case.

A 300TC premium bed sheet can sometimes be much better than a 1000TC bed sheet with factors such as the 100% cotton, the type of cotton used, the processes that the linen is put through etc… all can change touch and feel of the sheet and change it’s comfort dimension.

For example, a 250TC sateen stripe polycotton bed sheet might feel pretty comfortable due to the stripes that have an effect on the sleeper’s comfort. - Some might love it, some might not.

So again, choosing the best bed sheet comes down to several factors. And can be subjective to the sleeper.

When it comes to maintenance, the constant industrial wash cycles in a hotel can be very demanding on the linen. Thereby choosing a bed sheet that is manufactured to hotel standards can be a intelligent choice.

Plus, an all white bed sheet can make the bed look white, clean, and bright, and that specially in a hotel, cleanliness is something that guests pay for.

Look for branded bed sheets from companies that are known for their quality of product, and where they’re used in. So a brand such as Gentelle that is famous in hotels is a good choice.

The market is filled with all sorts of bed sheets. If you pay attention to factors such as the cotton percentage, the thread count, the touch and feel of the sheets, the brand of bed sheet you’re buying, you can make a very intelligent choice in picking something really very good.

If you need help in choosing a really good product, you can always reach out to a hotel products consultant who can suggest a really good option for you. Whether that be for homes, for hotels, or even hospitals. Yes, patient-care in a hospital is important, just like guest-care in a hotel is, and thus many hotels and hospitals pay attention to obtaining some of the best in terms of comfort, affordability, serviceability, and so on.

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