The “Gentelle” brand which is widely known by many for it’s quality of product, service, and trustworthiness, envisions value-defining hospital bedding to be the cradle of comfort for patients across the Kingdom, and to be the benchmark for hospitals across the world.

With the Kingdom’s drive to transform KSA’s healthcare sector, GHS (Gentelle Hotel Supplies Co. Ltd.) extends it’s primary focus, from it’s clientele of hotels, to hospitals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“Healthcare consumerism” can be defined loosely as the rise in income and demand from the younger audience for the better quality of care/living. And fueling this consumerism, together with comfort and care being key factors, the signals from the tech industry is boosting that need for a smart, and connected healthcare experience.

Gentelle, backed by over 15 years of collective experience in 3 countries, aims to align itself with the Kingdom’s vision to make quality healthcare one of the leading sectors that contribute to the people, society, the economy and the planet.

Gentelle’s new Strategic Business Unit (SBU) – acronymed GHS – aims to develop it’s client portfolio of hospitals in the Kingdom by enabling decision makers in the healthcare industry to obtain a product-service-quality-speed combo that rivals some of the big brands globally.

With intelligent sourcing and manufacturing facilities in-country and overseas, GHS with the hallmark Gentelle brand, takes the pain out of hospitals for the procurement of world-class hospital linens.

Gentelle products demonstrate that GHS’s hospital linen can be a benchmark of comfort and care, while at the same time, be a market/industry standard for being long-lasting, affordable, and a worthy choice for decision makers.

The range of long-lasting linens in GHS’ – Gentelle Hotel Supplies Co. Ltd. – expanding portfolio includes custom made sheets, a variety pillows (including latex pillows), waterproof pillow and bed/mattress protectors, thermal sheets, bath towels, face towels, hand towels, and much more.

GHS is on a mission to helping make the healthcare industry a leading sector of prosperity for the Kingdom. The mission to helping and backing hospitals, to be #1 in comfort.

Gentelle. The cradle of comfort. The cradle of care.

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