How a waterproof pillow protector helps your pillow keep stain free, and last longer

Here’s a quick start…

That, is your pillow.

That’s the gross, disgusting, unpleasant thing you place your head on every single night. Imagine cuddling that thing tonight. Now that’s blegh.

Let me put that into perspective. Your towel, imagine never washing your towel, and never putting it out to dry in the sun. Until it starts getting filthier and filthier, not to mention smellier, yuckier, and so on, and then you continue using it.

That example is perhaps a teeny bit extreme. But the fact is, many of us simply dress up a filthy stained pillow with a clean pillow case, while the pillow itself may be just like what you’ve seen.

The fact is, we’ve probably simply “grown” into using a filthy pillow right from when it used to actually be cuddly, lovely, and appealing..

But can a pillow such as pictured above be a health hazard? Well we’re not medical doctors, and to say the least, we don’t know. However, a Dr. Karan Raj, known to be an NHS surgeon in the UK explains that pillows need to be changed every 2 years. And some of the reasons behind this..

“The average person sheds about 4kg of skin every year. Most of that ends up on your bed or pillow – a feast for microscopic dust mites.” - Source:

and that,

“A build up of dust mite faeces can cause breathing and allergy-type symptoms.”

Now that does sound a bit of a health concern.. And ABOUT those nasty stains?

Dr Raj also explained the mystery surrounding the “nasty” yellow spots and patches that develop on pillows over time, revealing they’re caused by a build up of sweat and oil from your body.

“That moisture can breed mould and bacteria,” he said.

- Source:

So what next?

Well, that’s where the waterproof pillow protector comes into the scene.

The waterproof pillow protector simply encloses, and zips in your new fresh pillow leaving it untouchable to the sweat and oil from your body, or an accidental splash from your cup of morning coffee.

And drawn over the pillow, now enclosed in the waterproof pillow protector, is the fresh, crisp pillow cover.

Pillow inside Pillow Protector. Inside Pillow Cover.

One week later, you throw the pillow cover in the washing machine, and a month later, throw the pillow protector in the washing machine as well.

Yes, an excellent pillow protector can also be washed, which means, that that pillow you cuddle with every night, can remain crisp, pure and clean for a long, long time. Without those yellow stains, and gruesome smells – that you’re probably immune to by now – and may take an outsider to tell you otherwise.

To put all that into a nutshell, use a waterproof pillow protector to keep your pillows fresh, clean, and lasting longer, and health-wise, likely better.

So can we stop our pillows looking like that? Yes you can. Here’s where you can get a premium waterproof pillow protector, that’s actually used in leading world-class hotels, so you know you’re getting a substantially, premium product.

Then what about the mattress? Doesn’t that run into the same trouble of stains and such? Yep, here’s the link to get an incredible mattress protector as well. Yes used in leading world-class hotels. Gentelle is a trusted, well reputed brand. And that matters when choosing what’s best for you.

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