It’s that special time once more with Eid just around the corner. The time of the year where warm reunions, joy, and gifts speckle the world all over. As joy and celebrations burst through homes, the beautiful decorations that deck the hallways, and the food and sweets that adorn the table, tell a story of thankfulness, feasts, and sharing good, warm, and lovely company. And although our lives are filled with technology, there’s something beautiful about an elegant dining table for Eid, that’s decor’d just special.

Elegance doesn’t have to be complicated or too expensive. A beautiful dining table can be very simple, but adorned with taste and personality that matches each individual home.

Here are some fine suggestions to spark your creativity, and make your dining table a memory to cherish.

A Statement Piece with Light

Good lighting can highlight, and bring out delightful twinkles and sparkles to your food, your cutlery and tableware, and make the intricate fabric textures on your banquet linens and napkins standout. Fine lighting, will bring out neat shadows that curtain dishes, adding depth to the feast across the tabletop.

Lighting doesn’t have to be an overly expensive pickle. Adding home-made shades to existing lighting features, or shopping for partly-translucent curvy shades can bring a sharp and glaring light to a soft and beautiful glow.

An overhead light that brightens up the entire room can be swapped for a lesser brighter, lower powered light, while at the same time, adding extra lower powered lighting across the room to bring about a glow all round, while softening the harshness of a single high-powered lighting unit.

Quite often many of us see lights in a room that tend to either be wall-bracketed, ceiling-embedded, hanging down on a chain or cord, or simply sitting still on a table as a table lamp.

A rather beautiful addition can be to have upward-focused lights on the ground, to lighten dark corners in a room. With a surrounding shade that aesthetically funnels the light upwards.

While these are some delightful lighting features, another novel, and futuristic lighting idea would be to custom embed fluid LED strip lighting around the edge of your wooden table, making it glow futuristic. To take it to the next level, ask your favourite woodworking expert, to craft a table top with a sunk ridge in the center of the edge of the table, 360 degrees, with a fluid-lit LED strip glowing inside.

Tableware that sparkles as the light hits it’s surface, can spread twinkles of light reflections all around, from food, to cutlery, to napkins, and more.

Sometimes, less can be more. And a few perfectly chosen and placed lights can make things look more organized than hectic and overdone.

Napkins, Tablecloths & Colours!

While elegance can come in many colours and shapes, there’s sometimes that vibe of sophistication that can be obtained with basic simplicity. Many hotels use white, off-white, ivory coloured tablecloths, and other selections, that bring a level of cleanliness, and make the table glow elegantly as the light kisses it’s surface.

In a well-lit environment, a light-coloured table cloth can bring a delightful setting to the room, and maybe perhaps add a bit of depth of openness or spaciousness in a crowded room.

That said, that’s no reason why a table cloth should only be light coloured! Depending on the character of the tabling, perhaps a lovely wooden table without a table cloth is the way to go to let a beautiful, picture-perfect table tell a story.

Tablecloth of no tablecloth, beautifully textured hotel napkins that décor the plates of every guest, is a smart, and practical choice of banquet linen bringing functional elegance to the feast.

Napkins come in various colours. And depending on the theming of a hotel, hotels may choose to go for a rich off-white, lush bamboo green, wavy sea blue, or any other colour that fits in with the meal, the room, the lighting, and even the location of the hotel.

Sometimes a darker coloured napkin can perhaps cover up a few stains in the fabric, and after all, a guests is generally going to wipe his/her fingers on the napkin after a meal. Additionally, a lighter matt coloured napkin can complement sparkling tableware, by adding a sense of depth as it dulls the twinkles and sparkles.

Napkins can really enhance a bland table. From the various colours to the various types of foldings. Napkins can be folded in a variety of ways that make them stand out, and draw attention to the various origami-like shapes.

From what is known as the Lotus Fold, to the Triple Pocket, a Tumbler’s Pouch, to a Chef’s Hat fold. While the names may sound fun, and perhaps sophisticated, the folds are really simple.

Here’s one of our favourite folds, the Tumbler’s Pouch, that beautifully hugs around a tumbler.

Table Runner & Fabrics

Play with your fabrics! Yes! Set your table runner with curated folds and crimps, and let it cascade to the floor in ripples. Expertly crumpling your table runner and letting it fall off the edge, can leave the table runner neatly reflecting both light and shadow.

Lace and linen are also a delightful choice and if properly used, can add neat elegance to the table. A table runner crafted with burlap can look gorgeous as it adds earthy-tones to the rest of the tablescape.

Green and blue can be lovely colours to pair together for a table runner. Perhaps pastels or jewel tones, like mint and emerald, or lavender and indigo, and so on. A beautiful colourful table runner can add a delightful splash to an all white table cloth.

Think of layering texture as much as color for depth and interest. A smooth tablecloth can be the backdrop of elegant linen place-mats and napkin sets and bring about a sophisticated, eye-catching finish to the tablescape.

In Conclusion

All in all, the dining experience for eid can be creative, fun, and elegant with beautiful lighting, elegant banquet linens, and creative tablescaping. So enjoy, and Eid Mubarak~!

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