Dear all,

What a week it’s been! The 9th of September saw the last of the Hotel Show Saudi Arabia for the year 2021. And we delivered, with a remarkable range of pristine, gorgeous, Gentelle linens, and with lip-smacking delicious Basilur teas, AND, with an inspiring, supportive, and candid attitude from our dedicated customer service team.

Can you imagine! We had individuals, decision makers come by, look at Gentelle linens, and walk away, and then walk back minutes later to congratulate us on the remarkable quality of Gentelle linens.

A benchmark. We’re inspired by the stories of our clients. And we want to inspire you even more.

Quick tip: Did you know that about 40 hotels comprising of 12,500 rooms are expected to be completed this year? And that in 2022, Saudi Arabia's hospitality market expects to see the operating of 42 hotels? AND that in 2023, nearly 23 developments are under preparation to add 12,440 hotel rooms? (See here:

The hospitality market is growing. And we are aiming for growth as well, and we’d like you to fly fast, and fly high, together with us.

On a closing note, just simply, keep in touch. We’re always here as your partner in goodwill and look forward to assisting you with your bedding decisions whether you choose Gentelle, Rolaco, Sealy, Mühldorfer, or others.

Keep in touch,

Best regards,
Asmer, and the Gentelle team.

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