Latex Pillows are crafted with the sap from rubber trees that is gently whipped into a froth, and later poured and baked into luxurious, breathable foam.

It is 100% natural.

Let’s take a look at why natural latex pillows could be what you’ve dreamed of all along, in bed.

The snugger hug

The instantly responsive natural latex snuggly conforms to the head and neck contours, and every movement made while sleeping. It also comfortably keeps the neck aligned to the spine, hereby preventing body aches and muscle stiffness.

In other words, the responsive surface of these pillows ensures optimum support necessary for a good night’s sleep.

Since latex pillows are not weight or temperature sensitive, it does not bring about the discomfort of feeling like being stuck in wet mud; no more constricted movements or feeling as if you’re melting into the pillow.

They are also known to be cool to lie upon.

The healthier choice

Natural latex pillows are safe for your health, are ideal for those prone to allergies and respiratory problems, and are also soothing against the skin.

These are mildew-proof and antimicrobial; they will not support the growth of dust mites, fungus and other common allergens.

A lasting sleeping partner

Natural latex pillows are in for the long haul. Unlike its cotton counterpart, natural latex pillows hold their shape for at least for 5 years.

If your bed is your haven and you love reveling in it, invest in these pillows that make for long lasting, satisfying, and reliable bed fellows.

A breathable space

These pillows are a natural plant product with a unique, open cell structure that makes it breathable. This simply means the pillows are constantly ventilated.

The microscopic air bubbles in latex circulate air, transport moisture, and keep the pillows cool and dry. No more tossing and turning on a warm and humid bed.

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