5 winter gifts for you and your loved ones this cold season!

It’s cold and perhaps getting colder, and this beautiful winter season, here’s how you can bring a smile home with some warm and cozy gifts. Here are 5 lovely gifts to give your family, friends, and loved ones for this cold winter weather!

1. The Microfibre Super-soft “Marshmallow” Pillow

Cold winter nights can be a challenge, but a lovely cuddly super-soft pillow that feels like a giant marshmallow is a great place to sink one’s head in. The Gentelle Microfibre Pillow is a favourite in many hotels and resorts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and has been a star product in the Gentelle product catalogue for several years.

This is an exceptionally great gift to present your loved ones with for winter as the pillow not only feels cuddly and soft, but has also been a preferred choice in bed to some, regardless of the weather.

While excellent pillows are a great gift, it’s worth understanding who the pillow is for, and how he or she likes their pillow. Some people prefer a pillow that is soft and “marshmallowy”, while some prefer a pillow that is more firmer and keeps it’s shape better.

The Gentelle Pillow Catalogue for hotels lets hotels give their guests the choice to choose their preferred pillow. Some of pillows featured on the Gentelle Pillow Catalogue include:

2. Snuggle Hotel-choice Duvet

A snuggle under the softy, cuddly, hotel-choice duvet is an experience to feel! Cold outside, but under the thick soft duvet, is a warm snuggly place to nest in.

The Gentelle Premium Duvet is also a star product amongst several hotels in Saudi Arabia.

Like a pillow in a pillow case, the duvet can be dressed in a duvet cover and thereby make it easier to simply and regularly wash the duvet cover as like you would a bed sheet. Keep winter snuggles fresher, warmer, beautiful and cozy. A perfect winter gift to give!

3. The Natural Latex “Airflow” Pillow with 250+ air flow channels

Much like the Gentelle Premium Microfibre (soft and cuddly, marshmallowy) Pillow, the Gentelle Natural Latex “Airflow” Pillow is a great favourite amongst some buyers.

Packing a firmer, weightier structure, the Gentelle Natural Latex Pillow while still soft and flexible, is not super-soft. Rather it is more likely to maintain a lot of it’s shape, but still comfortably cradle your head and neck.

It’s a must-try. And a gift worth giving, just due to it’s reputation.

4. 300TC 100% Cotton Premium Sheets

There’s many a reason why many hotels have decked their beds with Gentelle sheets. While the Gentelle bed sheet catalogue has an excellent premium variety of sheets, the Gentelle 300TC 100% Cotton Premium Sheets are an experience to feel, and to share.

Gentelle’s sheets are crafted based on very specific guidelines and specifications, with some of the goals being that the brand provides a very luxurious product to the touch and feel, while keeping it intelligently affordable, and at the same time making sure that the sheets can withstand commercial washing processes at the big-brand hotels.

In short, the Gentelle 300TC 100% Cotton Premium Sheet is soft on the skin, designed to comfort. And, it’s a product worthy of gifting!

5. After-bath Hotel-choice Terry Bathrobe — 100% Cotton

Winter? No problem! A beautifully crafted thick terry bathrobe is here to the embrace, after your relaxing warm bath.

Imagine relaxing after a warm shower, in the embrace of a wonderful bathrobe, and sipping a warm cup of tea or coffee… A hotel-choice product, the Gentelle 100% Terry Bathrobe is a true after-bath experience to feel.

Have you a bedding or bath winter gift idea in mind? Let us know!

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