Why are hotel beds so comfortable?

A hotel’s revenue comes from it’s guests, and this determines the theme, and feel of the hotel that amplifies it’s hospitality to the guest. A luxury hotel’s bed may feel more luxurious when many singular factors perform together to deliver that premium, luxurious, and comfortable hotel bed feel.


The type of pillow or pillows that a hotel uses, plays an important role in providing a tasteful comfortable experience of a hotel bed.

Pillows come in various constructions. From memory foam, to feather pillows, to the polyfibre pillows, to what’s known as the premium microfibre pillow, to the deliciously cool, yet interestingly heavy latex pillows, to many more.

Each of these pillows provides a different experience, with some being soft like marshmallows that tend to sink your head in, and others being soft, yet firm in keeping shape, and some being voiced by many as the healthier choice.

Some of the top choices for a hotelier to consider include the following, each with a unique experience as your head hits the hay.


As like pillows, the quality of the mattress used, also provides that spring of comfort to the hotel’s guest. Like pillows, a mattresses construction varies from specifications that include memory foam, to latex, to the types of springs used in the mattress’ construction, etc. Of course, comfort in mattresses and pillows can be subjective, with certain sleepers preferring less springy types, to others preferring a more spongy approach.

One of the choices for a hotelier to consider, is the latex layered mattress, of pocket spring construction. Brands like Coco-Mat, Muhldorfer, Sealy, Tempur, King Koil, Gentelle, and many others, present well crafted selections that speak to a hotelier’s demands in servicing it’s guests.

Mattress Toppers

While mattresses may greatly contribute to a pleasing experience, to up that experience, hoteliers may opt-in to using mattress toppers. This graceful layer atop a mattress, will serve as an extra padding, with one of it’s main selling points being of feathers, natural latex, polyfibre, memory foam, to various other choices.

The choice of mattress topper to a guest, just like pillows, can be subjective. With certain sleepers preferring a firmer choice, and others a more soft, sinking feel, and some, for a topper that provides a more cooling experience.

Sheets and the Fabric

Bedsheets, pillow covers, and duvet covers can provide an experience infused with the premium touch and feel of luxury.

This is because, the quality of the fabric that many hoteliers choose, comprise of several technical specifications, including the premium / sub-premium thread-counts, the stitching quality of the edge of the sheet, the type of stripe: satin/sateen-striped that adds a silk-like, cool feel, whether the fabric has been sanforised, and mercerised, and other technical specifications.

These and other specifications, can define the quality of the bedsheets, the pillow/duvet covers, and other fabrics used in hotelier-grade linens, that provide that incredible premium touch and feel to the guest.

To secure such sheets, pillow covers, and duvet covers, hoteliers can reach out to a well reputed linen supplier, recognised by some top brand hotels, the like of Four Points by Sheraton, Citadines, Elaf, Ascott, Intercontinental, and others.


Just like a convex sheet of metal may reflect sound that is thrown at it, certain materials will tend to soften and suppress harsh sounds. This, leading to a well-sought after experience of being in a cosy, plush, premium room, that can perhaps make sounds sound richer in quality. Alongside the carpeting, the plush furniture, lush bedding, an acoustics expert can aid in tweaking the acoustic signature of a room, to better the experience, when in bed.

Ambiance & Lighting

That delightful ambiance that premium hotels offer also plays a role in relaxing the senses. Instead of selecting just about any type of lighting and light fixtures on the market, seeking the assistance of a professional lighting expert, can help to deliver that ambiance of premium-ness.

To conclude,

Excellent hotel-grade bedding can provide a guest with a great comfortable hotel-bed experience, and the addition of delightful lighting, cosy ambiance, and well-defined acoustics of the room can alleviate such an experience.

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