How Gentelle Enables Intelligent Sourcing of Hotelier Linens

According to Renub Research [2019], the hotel market of Saudi Arabia is projected to be more than $24 billion US Dollars, by the year 2025.

And although the hospitality industry in Saudi Arabia took a hit in the recent months, the average daily rate, or ADR levels in the Kingdom actually saw an increase of around 9.5% during the first quarter of 2021 (as per Colliers’ MENA Hotels Quarterly Review). This is in comparison to the same period last year.

In other words, the hospitality industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia appears to be moving from strength to strength.

Gentelle is a linens brand, and an accredited player in the hospitality supply business for over a decade, and backed by the decades of business experience of two innovative founding members fueled with determination, and dedication.

So how does Gentelle enable intelligent sourcing of hotelier linens?

When hoteliers source bed, bath, and banquet linens, a common B2B route to purchase (across many industries) is to search on Google or other search engines for hotel linen suppliers.

Based on the location and other technical data of the potential buyer, Google displays results that it believes to be the most appropriate or useful to the particular searcher.

Hence, a hotelier in Saudi Arabia would be presented with perhaps tens of pages of hotel linen suppliers, some of whom would probably be inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and some in countries as far as China, India and so on.

Finding hundreds, if not thousands of suppliers on Google is easy. However, purchasing of quality linens comes with a challenge. That is the technical know-how that every commercial buyer should potentially have, with regards to the linens.

This know-how is not always straightforward. For example driven by public perception with regards to the number of thread-counts in fabric, decision makers may believe that a higher thread-count would mean a bed sheet that is more comfortable and more luxurious.

However this isn’t always the case, because a fabric of bad quality that advertises 300 thread-count, could essentially be far worse for comfort than a fabric of good quality advertising the same thread-count.

Amongst the many technical specifications, the type of yarn used, would also help determine the softness and comfort of the particular sheet.

To simplify the determining and purchasing of hospitality linens, and help with intelligent purchasing, the Gentelle company in Saudi Arabia has launched it’s web portal that greatly aids decision makers in finalizing their purchases quickly and efficiently.

One of the factors that enable this, is the exclusive B2B access granted to approved corporates, that allows the instant purchasing of the linens in bulk, at wholesale prices.

The old method of purchasing – the usual case-scenario – is where customers would have to sift through quotation after quotation from multiple suppliers, and after many negotiations, and samplings, finally reach a conclusion.

Gentelle simplifies this by simply allowing it’s linens to be purchased off the shelf (online), in simply a matter of clicks.

In fact, a great benefit to hoteliers based in distant localities of the Kingdom who haven’t access to quality products, the Gentelle digital procurement portal simply enables these professionals to obtain directly and efficiently first-class bedding, and bath linens.

In the manufacturing process, Gentelle’s linens are sanforised and mercerised, which simply up the bar on the quality scale.

Being an authority on hospitality linens, Gentelle KSA further offers dedicated support through WhatsApp, live website chat, direct calling or emailing in an attempt to assist decision makers in the best ways possible.

For years, the brand spread through word of mouth, across cities, and countries and was accepted by decision makers in the hospitality and retail industries, based upon the trust in product, service, and the people behind the scenes.

The Gentelle brand is a brand known for it’s consistent quality, it’s authority on the subject of hospitality linens, and trust and goodwill, and ultimately it’s willingness to the customer to succeed.

And by bringing together under it’s brand a simplified and quick method of purchasing online, and reliable support systems, the company seeks to enable for decision makers, the streamlined intelligent sourcing of hotelier linens.

NOTE: This system is currently only available to buyers in Saudi Arabia. Gentelle’s sister companies in Sri Lanka, Maldives, and Pakistan, at the time of publishing this article, do not support this system of online B2B purchasing.

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